Owners Samy Sabil and Ryan Flatley,  formerly of the acclaimed North Fork Table and Inn of  Southold, N.Y, have been successfully operating their business based on the  North  Fork of  Long Island for the past 5 years. This humble partnership has delighted  clients’ palates from the East End of Long Island to Manhattan, Miami, and L.A. They do it all….luncheons and    dinner  parties al fresco, penthouse cocktail parties, benefits for local charities, private events, sunset weddings  overlooking the Sound….with class and charm.  Not only does their cuisine impress, but so does their ability to connect with people. Whether the venue requires an  upscale menu and the expertise of a sommelier, or if your theme lends itself to rustic comfort food (with or without a twist), Samy and Ryan have it covered between them.  The beauty of the creative course experience is that you will be eating dishes that are familiar, created with fresh and local ingredients, yet indulging in unexpected flavors where at  the  same time, the integrity of the dishes is  preserved. Aside from the culinary aspect, Creative  Courses prides themselves in providing personalized service and holds the bonds they’ve made with their clientele over the years in  deep regard. Just as Samy and Ryan are not your “typical caterers “, you are not a customer, but rather, a friend.

Italian Dinner for 2

Korean Dinner 4.1.23


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