“Spent the day on the North Fork, which is totally my happy place, and finally got to try The North Fork Shack! This fried fish sandwich was pretty great! Loved the chill vibe there and definitely want to try more of their menu


“Sabil and Flatley are cooking up satisfying dishes, simply prepared, with a handful of standout ingredients, such as fish so fresh it can be astonishing, along with produce from places such as Sang Lee Farms down the road. [….] you can taste the freshness”

Jenn S.

“Craving the french fries and chicken sandwich and mushroom sandwich and, well, everything from The North Fork Shack”

Kendal B.

“The best take out on the North Fork by a MILE. The food tastes great ALWAYS and you can even order new things with confidence. Their chicken fingers (for kids… not on menu) are the best you’ve ever had anywhere. Thanks North Fork Shack”